Sunday, August 12, 2012

Weird Egg

Again sorry for the long absence. I hate the heat, and I dont do to much in it.
But my friend Connie thought that I should post my unusual egg story. I have a young
group of chickens who have just started laying eggs. A few days ago I went to collect my eggs, and there was one in there that was tripled the size of the other eggs, and I thought ouch...that had to hurt!

I decided to crack it open today to see if by chance it had a triple yoke. I cracked it and saw one yolk and
then I heard clunk in the frying pan. There was a yolk, white, and another whole egg. I have never  heard of it before, no less seen it. Here is a picture of the egg and egg in the egg. (does that make sense?)

My daughter found this link, this is exactly what happened to me today, except I cracked mine into a frying pan. Thank you Betsy.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Back to Blogging!

My blogging has suffered for the last 18 months, maybe more. I had kept this up almost daily then started ignoring it. But, I am almost retired so I thought it was something I could do again. I really enjoy sharing my photos, and parts of my life, but did not have a lot of time on my hands. Hopefully I can catch up on my wants (hobbies), and other things that I want to do. On another subject from the time I have ignored my blog. My kids (sons) have been busy this past winter with ice fishing, they absolutely love it. They would get up early in the morning, and head to the ice.

 They love fishing all year long, but it appears ice fishing is among the top on the list. Here are some of their catches of the winter. I had never tried Salmon, and the kids got it all ready for me, I cooked it up, and was not impressed at all. I love fish, but Salmon is not one of my favorites.
Ok, here is my first entry of many. I hope you all have a great day!

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Sunkist Baloon Festival

Friday evening Betsy, Isaac, Sally and myself went to the 2nd annual balloon festival. It was the first day the sun had come out after out week of torrential rains and flooding. We were very lucky and did not have much flooding. We arrived very early thanks to the radio giving
misinformation, but we had fun anyway. Here are some pictures of that evening.

This is Sally she really enjoyed the balloons, she was a little scared at first but that did not last long. She was on the bouncy bounce when this picture was taken, she loved it in there. She was on her back, stomach, and butt more than she was on her feet!

This is Isaac, I have not posted pictures of the kids in awhile, I better get busy and keep everyone updated, they are all getting so big.

A few pictures of the balloons, it was a great evening! Look at the blue sky in the pictures.
This (I don't know what to call it), was flying around when the balloons were getting ready to go up and as they were going up. They must of had a spectacular view, I wonder if they took any pictures.

I think this may of been my favorite one, although I probably would say they were all my favorites. The kids enjoyed watching this one and the clown being inflated and standing up. I don't think they flew that night.

Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Winter Sowing

Last winter, I did winter sowing. I only really did zinnias because, last year I saw a farmer who had a wide row of zinnias right along side of his garden. Here are a couple of pictures of the first of my zinnias.